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SnowPoet + GUFO

Evolving ever since it began, SnowPoet comprises many award winning London based musicians. The music draws from folk, alternative and new genres. It speaks of today and the stories presented tell of loss and love. Bassist Chris Hyson and vocalist Lauren Kinsella work together to make songs that play themselves and everything in between.

Lauren Kinsella voice
Josh Arcoleo tenor sax
Matt Robinson keys
Nick Costley- White guitar
Chris Hyson bass
Dave Hamblett drums

GUFO is the collectively led trio of Dave De Rose – drums/vocals, Ruth Goller – ukulele-bass/vocals and Dario Rossetti-Bonell – guitar/mandolin. They have played together in many different bands and various combinations over the years, but it is here in GUFO that they have established their collective voice, with a unique sounding set of music. All established in their own way, (with playing credits ranging from Rokia Traore to Acoustic Ladyland to Moloko), and each emerging from various musical influences from around the world; here they produce their own original sound and find a unique common ground – a crossover of improvised, song-oriented acoustic sound with strong melodies.

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