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Vula Viel & Velvet Revolution

Velvet Revolution

Daniel Erdmann is an active member and co-leader of many bands. But in a decade or so he imagined a certain sound for a trio, and looked for and finally found the musicians who would allow the anticipated sound to become a reality. French violinist Théo Ceccaldi contributes something from the grand French string tradition, as well as jazz references and something very contemporary: he can wallow in melody, but also provide abstract, percussive action. Daniel knows Jim Hart from a visit to London, where the vibraphonist, who now lives in France, was one of the
cofounders of Loop Collective. With its luminous sound, the vibraphone reinforces the chamber music like magic of the trio. Jim Hart brings a rhythmic competence, which in the case of this trio, doesn’t even need drums.

Velvet Revolution won the Echo Jazz 2017 (the German version of the Grammy award), and the German Record Critics Annual Award 2017.

Vula Viel

Forward-thinking UK trio Vula Viel release their sophomore album, ‘Do Not Be Afraid’ on 25th January 2019, continuing their unique musical journey centred around the Gyil (Ghanaian xylophone). Join them on 19th November for the album’s single release including exclusive single streaming with album pre-orders.
The band’s new set confidently weaves sparse polyrhythms and intricate rhythm structures around bandleader Bex Burch’s Gyil lines and take the instrument’s sound into new territory, with bassist Ruth Goller (Acoustic Ladyland, Melt Yourself Down, Rokia Traore) and drummer Jim Hart (Cloudmakers, Ralph Alessi, Electric Biddle) introducing a rough, post-punk edge to the band’s sound.
Described as “Ghanaian minimalism”, with the unassuming ability to blur the lines between atmospheres – Vula Viel’s sound may nod to Steve Reichian jazz, but influences don’t stop there: one can hear echoes of Bill Laswell and the irresistible energy of Arthur Russel.

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