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A chance for a group of young people from Hackney to learn group composition skills & perform at the Vortex alongside world class musicians. Led by workshop leader Detta Danford, and with the input of a guest musician, the group create a new piece of music from scratch and perform it at the Vortex.

February 2013

Young people from around the borough, including Clapton Girls School and Stoke Newington School, joined with Detta Danford and Mark Holub (Led Bib) to create their own group composition, which they performed as the support act for Led Bib at the Vortex on February 16th 2013. Listen to a recording of the performance below.

March 2012

Young people from Stoke Newington School worked during some snowy days to create a group composition. Led by Detta Danford, they began with some rhythms from Jo Wills (Old Man Diode) and developed them to compose their own entirely new piece of music. Listen to a recording of the performance below.

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