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Jazzwerkstatt special 24, 25 November

At this special weekend, the Berlin label Jazzwerkstatt celebrates 6 of its line-ups, ranging from the younger (such as Stefan Schulze and Peter Ehwald) through to the more experienced, such as Alan Skidmore and Uwe Kropinski.The Vortex is very happy to be organising this festival for two nights celebrating some of the great music out of Berlin. It’s all very current, but really straddles the eras. The newer generation as represented by the likes of Julie Sassoon and Peter Ehwald, the older by Alan Skidmore and Uwe Kropinski.

Jazzwerkstatt itself was set up in 1972 by a group of (then) young fans of the music in the small town of Peitz, about 60 miles South of Berlin in the old GDR. It became a mecca for lovers of free improvised jazz and it was a real mix of fellow travellers from both sides of the Iron Curtain. The involvement continues today with a major release schedule from some of the finest musicians around, and also a continuation of the festival (which next year will include the likes of Globe Unity Orchestra and more). There’s a write-up of the 2017 festival from Londonjazznews here.


More information about first night here:

More information and booking for second night here.

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