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Mossman Fund – your way to help the Vortex

Through our charity, the Vortex Foundation, we have set up a Mossman Fund, in memory of Vortex founder, David Mossman. The aim of the fund is to raise funds in order to put the Vortex into a situation that stabilises the situation of the club but also allows it to move forwards, and in keeping with the spirit of positive community that David started.

Any venue is London is under pressure – rent, rates and similar rising costs. Indeed, the number of live music grass roots venues has declined by 40% over the past decade. But we must also look forwards, improving our sound system, and getting things better resourced for the digital world, for streaming and so on. Also initiatives to help women and BAME musicians move up the ‘jazz ladder’ and similar.

We are looking at:

  • improving the p.a. and lights (approx £10000)
  • upgrading the backline equipment. We are lucky to have a Steinway piano, Premier kit and some amps. We need to spend money on some high-grade piano servicing (approximately £1000), cymbals (£800)
  • Double bass. Having a double bass would mean that musicians don’t necessarily have to drive as much to the club, and makes it easier all ways round. (approx £2000)
  • Renewing the furniture. The chairs and tables are relatively inflexible and getting worn. (approx £5000)
  • Improving the bar and storage facilites (approx £2000)
  • A programming fund (approx £20000)

Any remaining monies would be used to provide a cushion for payment of our rents and rates as well as other ongoing issues.

You might wish to support a concert or series of concerts. We are also happy to hear from you in this regard

We are anyway looking to various other funding streams. Any ideas for foundations and charities would be welcomed.

For more information, feel free to contact Oliver Weindling on

To donate, the details are HSBC
Sort code: 40-02-17, account number: 31667513.

As a charity, your donations can be gift aided to reclaim tax. To do this, please also contact Oliver.

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