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Gilad Atzmon – a statement from the Vortex

As a music venue, we are offering Gilad a musical platform, not a political platform. He is an
accomplished and well-respected saxophonist who has performed at the Vortex on a number of
occasions over many years. We have booked Gilad to perform his music with his regular band, the Orient House Ensemble, not to articulate his politics.
We are aware that Gilad’s political views have caused some controversy but we do not consider that this is a reason to cancel what is purely a musical event. In any event Gilad is entitled to express his political views within the constraints of the law, and we do not believe that he is inciting violence or similar.
The Vortex puts on music by a diverse range of performers from many different backgrounds. The directors of the Vortex deplore antisemitism and all forms of racism. One of the directors, Oliver Weindling,  is himself Jewish (the son of refugees from the Nazis) and is highly alert to any signs of antisemitism.
We have offered to discuss these issues with those who are protesting against his performances but this has been rejected, sad to say.

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