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Spotify Playlist – Music inspired by the Vortex

Check out the Vortex Jazz Club’s New Spotify Playlist here!

We are currently living in unprecedented times, and in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, The Vortex Jazz Club had to close its doors to the public on the 17th March. During this challenging period, the power of music to bring people together is needed more than ever. For us, our inability to present live concerts has meant we have had to adapt to keep bringing you the best jazz and improvised music.

To make sure we can keep broadcasting performances, we need your help. If you’re in a position to support us, then please consider making a donation via our paypal.

Your donations will play a vital role in keeping music alive across the world. As venues shut globally and with your support, our club will be part of a new movement;  bringing you inspiring content, connecting you with the work of amazing musicians, and keeping The Vortex community going strong.

Below, we have a breakdown of who chose the tunes:

Adrian Birchall Clark Tracey Quintet Foxy Trot
Elliot Galvin Red and Yellow
George Colligan Whiffle Ball
Gilad Hekselman VBlues
Vimala Rowe, John Etheridge Solitude
AJ Dehany Henry Threadgill My Rock
Pulled By Magnets Invite them in
Colin Daly Big Air The Wizard
Butthole Surfers Sea Ferring
Mostly other people do the killing Baden
Sara Mitra Let me love you
Whose hat is this? Pre-dug holes
Daniel Garel Ben Wendel Amian
David Binney
Squares and Palaces
Jamie Branch Theme 001
Jasper Høiby Reimagine
Ostron Koma
Christian Lillinger, Jonas Kullhammar, Koma Saxo, Mikko Innanen, Otis Sandsjö, Petter Eldh
Huw V Williams Acoustic Ladyland Om Konz
Drew Gress Bas Relief
Huw Warren & Peter Herbert
Interlude/Whistling Rufus
Uri Bird
Endangered Blood
Jeremy Hill David Murray
Flowers for Albert
Kenny Wheeler Kind Folk
Mary Halvorson
Resting on Laurels
Satoko Fujii Ma-do Ripple Mark
Stephane Crumps Rosetta Trio
Reclamation Zone
John RB Alice Zawadzki
Within You Is a World of Spring
Jeff Williams
She Can’t Be a Spy
Kit Downes Sculptor
Laura Jurd Jumping In
Michael Formanek Very Practical trio
Implausible Deniability
Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret
Motion Stop Frame
Tineke Postma Freya
Tom Rainey Trio Combobulated
Lorraine Tillett Camilla George
Carrying the runnings away
Chris Hodgkins trio
Vejer de la frontera
Enzo Zirelli’s Zirobop You and me
London Jazz Orchestra Tumotkado
Tony Kofi Ruby My Dear
Oliver Weindling Billy Jenkins Invocation 3
Brass Mask Indian Red
Everybody’s Talking Teares
Fred Thomas
Partita No.1 Gigue
Norma Winstone Hiili Hilo
Paul Walker Enrico Pieranunzi Canto Nascosta
John Raymond Minnesota, WI
John Taylor Trio Vaguely Asian
Kenny Wheeler Part 1 Opening
Paul Clarvis and Liam Noble Paris
Stephen Graham Gilfema Dear JL
Nduduzo Makhathini Isithunywa
Ted Poor, Andrew D’Angelo Only You
Tim Berne’s Snakeoil Dear Friend
Tineke Postma Freya


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