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3 Portuguese & 1 Italian (downstairs)

Finally all the planets in the solar system align and this mythical Portuguese brotherhood meets once more for some funky, bluesy, groovy experimental session of live music. This time they have the pleasure to have an Italian cousin on percussion, Mr. Stefano Ancora.

The band will be:

Guitar – Francisco Esteves (PT)
Inspired by the roots of blues and some of the most epic heroes of guitar playing, like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Angus Young and many others, Franky will be dropping some licks on stage and melting your brain with some tasty guitar solos and funky rhythm guitar. He’s one not to miss as he is one of a kind and his guitar playing will make you shiver, no joke.

Drums – Alexandre Reis (PT)
Possibly one of the best up and coming drummers in Portugal, Alex Reis is starting to leave a print on the music scene in Portugal and is know taking his first steps on International land. His roots are Rock, his school traditional, but what he loves is the R’n’B groove. Expect some nasty beats, linear fills and above all a big smile while he delivers the rhythm that will make you stand up and start dancing.

Percussion – Stefano Ancora – (IT)
The creator of The Bakkbeat Project, Stefano Ancora will be in charge of colouring and uplift the vibe! Gentle but assertive, Stefano uses the influences from African rhythms in his drumming, creating singing patterns with his drums and percussion. I don’t know how the duo Stefano – Alex will work together but one thing I know, I want to be there to see it!

Bass – Valter Lima – (PT)
Living and studying in London since 2013, the creator of the show Manaia will be laying the bass lines that will resonate with your body and soul. Coming from metal, through the ambience of post-rock to the groove of African influenced music, Valter will be the glue, the mediator, the base and ground for all the fun to happen.

Come and see what surprises we’ll have for you!

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