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Floating Circles – ‘Spectrums’ Album Launch

Doors 7:45 PM, Music 8:30 PM – 2 set(s) of music



Aidan Pearson – Bass Clarinet

Jonny Wickham – Bass Guitar

Matt Hurley – Electric Guitar

Johanna Burnheart – Violin

Matt Parkinson – Drums



Floating Circles is an exciting UK jazz quintet lead by clarinettist Aidan Pearson. The name Floating Circles is inspired by the group’s compositional approach; it’s intended to invoke imagery of circles floating freely into new territories yet preserving their shape, which represents adapting music to different styles whilst keeping the core of the sound the same no matter where it goes.

The group’s music takes influence from a wide range of styles including ambient, rock, hip-hop, world music, Arabic and Brazilian music, making for an eclectic and forward thinking outfit.

Spectrums is Floating Circles’ third release, and sees the group expand and develop their sound to make use of spoken word storytelling, electronica violin, bass clarinet wails and a wide range of infectious grooves. The ‘spectrum’ concept is mirrored in the album’s progression from minor to major keys, with dark beginnings through a sense of change to a joyous resolution. As said in the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi ‘where there be darkness, light,’ the group explores the concept of light only existing relative to darkness, by taking the listener on a spectral journey full of musical contrast and wonder.

Commenting on the first of four singles from this new album, popular music blog No Transmission said their track Clinging to the Weekend’s End is ‘Upbeat to a contagious level….. listening to this track perks the spirit and is quite an espresso shot in the morning… these musicians simply sound happy to be playing songs that sound like they were happily written.’
The band is highly melodic and accessible yet daring and original, or as critic Mike Mineo from Obscure Sound said: “wonderfully dizzying… full of energy and creativity.”

Creative jazz violinist Johanna Burnheart (voted number 2 in Downbeat US critics poll for Rising star on violin) is an integral part of the group’s sound, as is prominent bassist Jonny Wickham who launched his own album at the vortex in September 23 and appears regularly at the venue as a sideman.

The energy of Floating Circles’ music is infectious and will leave attendees at their album launch with an unforgettable live music experience like no other.



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