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HUMAN – Stephen Davis, Alexander Hawkins, Alex Bonney, Dylan Bates

Stephen Davis returns with his band Human (Alex Bonney (tpt), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Dylan Bates (violin)) to launch his new album on Babel. An imaginative night of music that, through the band’s energy and joyfulness, draws you in and makes you come out satisfied.

“Though there’s plenty of fierce collective squalling and tussling, Davis’s pieces develop contemporary rhythm-pattern structures in personal ways, and the set benefits from Hawkins’s moment-seizing interventions, generating spontaneous hooks that change the game.” (John Fordham, The Guardian)

Alexander Hawkins is one of our leading pianists, a prize winner in his own right, leading his own bands, recently (and remarkably) with singer Elaine Mitchener; Alex Bonney is the ubiquitous eminence grise of recording and trumpet playing; Dylan Bates is……Dylan Bates and…and…and… (fill in the gaps as required.)

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