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Hyperactive Kid + Kit Downes & Lucy Railton’s Tricko Tareco + Starlight

A night of intrepid new music from Berlin and London.


Philipp Gropper – tenor saxophone / soprano saxophone

Ronny Graupe – 7 string electric guitar

Christian Lillinger – drums

HYPERACTIVE KID is a band made up of three musicians currently living in Berlin. They came together in 2003 and since then they have been working on developing their collective musical ideas. Most importantly, their focus is to find the sound of the pulsating breath of life together – their interplay reminds us of the energy and continuous flow of ideas coming from a hyperactive child. Three musicians – ONE work of art. Everyone is everything and together they are HYPERACTIVE KID. The band are currently working on new songs.


Wanja Slavin – Alto

Petter Eldh – Bass

Christian Lillinger – Drums

This trio believes in the idea that the world can become increasingly better in terms of science, technology, modernization, liberty, democracy and quality of music. All you really need to do is to celebrate progressivity in all aspects of life. The three individuals of this group bring together compositions and strong ideas that they link into a seamless whole. The band started because the three members really wanted to play together and they simply got together out of that impulse and immediately created a platform where nothing was taboo. “We want to mess with people’s heads and give the jazz mainstream an alternative” – Lillinger. With the big vocabulary of this trio anything is possible. Lillinger is playing rhythms of endlessly evolving complexity and depth. Slavin is moving freely through different dimensions and layers. Eldh is an iceberg with an amazing ability to connect harmony and rhythm. This band will get rawer and looser from every time you hear them.


Diving into the space between the organised and the disorganised, Tricko Tareco draws inspiration from the lyricism and big-beat of minimalist composers, the ballads from nearby ice-cream vans and a light-footed approach to improvisation. Kit Downes (piano, organ and compositions) is joined by Lucy Railton (cello), forming a pairing that is alive and carefree but is always patient and sensitive. All the rest of Tricko Tareco is Alex Killpartrick (the Third Man), who is behind the dreamy and warped electro-acoustic trickery that shadows and follows. Tricko Tareco enjoys simple things put in weird ways – they released their first EP on Impossible Ark Records in January 2013.

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