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Match and Fuse Ignite Series – Water Boogie System, Blue Eyed Hawk, Magnus Loom

Match&Fuse present bold new music from the cutting-edge of numerous contemporary music scenes across Europe. Since 2011 M&F have championed the work of hundreds of UK and European artists and produced large-scale festivals in London, Oslo, Rome and Warsaw, and numerous tours across 10 European countries.

Match&Fuse is encapsulated by its name; bands are ‘matched’ together and then ‘fused’ to become a new ensemble, creating new works, collaborations and not-to-be-missed live experiences.

Tonight, the elaborate colours of Water Boogie System, hailing from Gothenburg are matched withBlue-Eyed Hawk’s richly textured original material and the avant-glam-punk caberet of Magnus Loom. All three bands will perform a showcase set of their original music, followed by a never-seen-before collaboration between the ensembles.

Water Boogie System (SE)
Imagine staying up late one night, fine-tuning your radio to the different frequencies: Noise, absurd philosophical wonderings in and about the big dipper, noise, jerky, broken phrases of free-form improv, grandiose space epics, noise, and all of a sudden, the delicate harmonies of a soft-singing choir. In other words, a wildly unpredictable combination of music and stories.

Blue-Eyed Hawk (UK)
Taking its name from a line in W.B. Yeats’s poem Under the Moon, Blue-Eyed Hawk is a co-operative quartet that brings a wide open improv sensibility to its melodic and richly textured original material. The band formed in 2011 and creates highly charged and emotive music that takes in rock, jazz, minimalist and electronic soundworlds.

Magnus Loom (UK)
Magnus Loom wildly turns and tumbles through a cornucopia of brightly burning pitches and rhythms. Having had his fill tooting merry vaudeville for change, Magnus can these days be found lovingly tangled in wires and lights, howling and whispering, in his own surreal world.

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