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Overground Collective

The OverGround Collective is an 18-piece band put together by the Portuguese composer Paulo Dias
Duarte. The project is a result of Paulo’s obsessive research on improvisation and its relation with pre-
composed material. After shadowing many improvisers in the London scene, Paulo has put together a
group of players, with very distinctive improvisational languages and techniques, in a project where he
uses their different approaches to improvisation as compositional tools, creating a very eclectic musical
landscape where the improviser itself is a part of the score.

“Duarte’s ability to write music that is at once melodic and accessible but highly challenging and
unexpected where the improvised elements hold primacy, is the key to the inevitable success of this
London Jazz News


Chris Williams, Julie Kjaer, Rachel Musson, Mike Lesirge, Cath Roberts (saxes)
Tom Ward (clarinet)
Noel Langley, Andre Canniere, Chris Batchelor, Yazz Ahmed (trumpets)
Paul Taylor, Raph Clarkso, Olivir Haylet (trombones)
Ben Kelly (sousaphone)
Paulo Dias Duarte (guitar)
Dave O’Brien (keyboards)
Jason Simpson (electric bass)
Jon Scott (drums)


Soprano/Alto and Flute – Chris Williams
Alto/Flute – Julie Kjaer
Tenor/flute – Rachel Musson
Tenor – Mike Lesirge
Clarinet/Bass clarinet – Tom Ward
Baritone – Cath Roberts
Tr – Noel Langley
Tr – Yasmeen Ahmed
Tr – Chris Batchelor
Tr – Andre Canniere
Trb – Paul Taylor
Trb – Raph Clarkson
Bass trb – Oli Haylett
Tuba – Ben Kelly
Bass – Seth Bennet
Keys – Dave O’Brien
Drums – Jon Scott




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