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Rae Forrest Project + Monocled Man


Rae Forrest Project

“People should be able to feel their own lives as deeply as possible in the most uplifting way.”

With this in mind, music merges with images, and dance to create a very special event. Haunting soulful vocals meet a cotemporary soundworld of piano, bass lines, beats and soundscapes as award-winning singer, photographer and writer Paula Rae Gibson and bassist and producer Mike Flynn return with a completely new set of music following their collaborative 2013 on Babel album, The Pleasure of Ruin. Exploring deeply personal themes of love, lust and loss Gibson’s lyrics combine with her bewitching vocals and accompanying imagery that takes an unflinching and honest approach to self-analysis, with witty and often moving results. Bassist and laptopist Flynn and talented jazz keyboardist Sam Leak create an uplifting and immersive sonic backdrop of contemporary beats, hypnotic chords and sensual melodies that are both tough and tender.
Monocled Man

Monocled Man, led by trumpet player Rory Simmons present music from their new Whirlwind Records album. This new set of music features appearances from guest vocalists Ed Begley and Emilia Mårtensson, with material inspired by inhabitants of isolated islands around the globe. Sequenced analog synths, and beds of distorted guitars give way to spacey, cinematic drones. Featuring Troyka’s Chris Monatgue on guitar and Kairos 4tet’s Jon Scott on drums.

“Monocled Man are another fierce contender on the UK’s triving alt, electric jazz scene.”


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