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Rick Simpson’s Klammer

Exciting to host this album launch on Two Rivers Records. Award-winning pianist and composer Rick Simpson has been no stranger to the heart of the London jazz scene – on both the new music and more traditional fronts – for many years now, and with Klammer he has a group which gives full voice to his ambitious and exciting compositions.

His music for Klammer focuses on through-composition, complex ensemble playing and modern textures/rhythms, though with enough space for soloists to shine and plenty of wit and levity to boot.

The band is completed by some of the young London Jazz scene’s most sought-after rising stars, most of whom have built an affinity with Rick over many years.

George Crowley – tenor saxophone
Michael Chillingworth – reeds
Ralph Wyld – vibraphone
Tom Farmer – double bass
Dave Hamblett – drums
Read the interview in Londonjazznews:
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