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What is this project?

‘HKB FiNN QUiNTET is the new project from spoken word artist HKB FiNN. Mixing Jazz, Soulful Spoken Word & Visuals, the project aims to create an immersive audio /visual experience for concert goers.  Using two feature films shot & directed by HKB FiNN, the band will transport you through to an immersive experience unlike any other.


Who are the other Artists?

HKB FiNN QUiNTET are Cheryl Alleyne on Drums, Rio Kai on Double Bass, Edison Herbert on Electric Guitar, Irene Forrester on vocals and HKB FiNN on visuals, percussion & Spoken Word. The newly formed collective features musicians who have been hand picked by FiNN for their generous creativity & verve. The aim of HKB FiNN QUiNTET is to create unique live experiences and show the flexibility & vibrancy of Poetry, Visuals & Jazz.



Renowned for his genre defying music and emotive Poetry, HKB FiNN’s work explores issues around history, gender & the politics of representation.  HKB FiNN blurs the boundaries between visual, sonic and literary arts and with this new project, he aims to create incredibly moving experiences for concert goers.

Recent exhibitions & performances include Sounderground: Rio De Janeiro, Tate Modern: Indoor Carnival, Nice Jazz Festival, Jazz Mo’Thology: Summer Festival Residency (Solo Photographic show & concert series), Sallinger Project (Orator role) Gansad Jazz Festival: Peymeinade, MYSOGiNY iS SUiCiDE (solo photo exhibition), Hastings Museum & Gallery, AMPLiFiER (Spoken Word Opera) a Poetry, Improvised Music & Feature silent film project (performed at various venues across the UK).


Cheryl Alleyne – Drums
Rio Kai – Double Bass
Edison Herbert – Electric Guitar
Irene Forrester – Vocals

HKB FiNN – Percussion & Spoken Word
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