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Jazz Alloy – Anglo/Swedish Music Lab 2018/2019.

JAZZ ALLOY — a Swedish & UK Music Mixer. The first in a series of six collaborations in which Swedish and UK-based musicians will create and perform new live music together during 2018-2019 will take place at the Vortex on 18 November featuring Emilia Martensson, with Swedish harmonica wizard Filip Jers.
At the event, all the UK-based artists will be presented. The project is organised by Musikcentrum Öst/Swedenthe Vortex Jazz Club and Emilia Mårtensson in collaboration with London Jazz FestivalThe Embassy of Sweden and Svensk Jazz. Jazz Alloy is supported by Musikverket.
Read more at the webpage. For a brief taste of the first collaboration, please click on the teaser below.
Here are some edited highlights of the first show with Phillip Jers and Emilia.
Next collaboration is a brave cross genre mix where the legendary saxophonist Steve Williamson (from Jazz Warriors and a succesful solo career) will team up with the Swedish folk star Emilia Amper on keyharp and vocals, and the amazing drummer Marque Gilmore (Joe Zawinul, Omar Sousa and others). So please pen January 28 in your calendar.
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