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Camilla George Quartet

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we welcome back Camilla George – ‘the girl with the golden touch’ (Evening Standard).

The Camilla George Quartet featuring saxophonist Camilla George (Jazz Jamaica, Courtney Pine’s Venus Warriors), pianist Sarah Tandy (Gilad Atzmon), bassist Daniel Casimir (Clark Tracey) and on drums Winston Clifford, is an exciting quartet showcasing some of London’s finest young players.Formed in 2014, the CGQ has a modern edge whilst paying homage to the jazz tradition, with a bit of calypso thrown into the mix. The band is inspired by artists such as Kenny Kirkland, Wynton Marsalis, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts and Kenny Garrett.

They will be celebrating their new album, Isang pronounced I-S-A-NG (NG as in song), which is a celebration of the jazz tradition, from its African roots through to its modern forms. The title of the album, Isang is an old Effik/Ibibio word which means journey and symbolises the musical journey that the CGQ have embarked upon. Effik is the language of coastal south-eastern Nigerians and is of particular significance as it is where Camilla was born. The album aims to create a fusion of African, Caribbean and American influences. It will include some music inspired by West Africa but performed in the jazz medium such as Mami Wata- a driving blues written to celebrate Mami Wata a West African spirit often taking on the form of a mermaid which is deeply rooted in the ancient tradition and mythology of West Africa.

“Camilla George’s Quartet has produced an extremely accessible yet intellectually satisfying album executed with precision and aplomb.” (Roger Farbey, allaboutjazz)

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