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David Mossman, who founded the Vortex in 1988, died peacefully on 8 December in Margate. We have started a book at the club where you can leave your comments, memories and more

The Shape of Jazz To Come…

The Shape of Jazz To Come is a series of performances supported by the Dave Holland – Evan Parker Fund and hosted by the Vortex Jazz Club. More info about mission coming soon…

The Shape of Jazz To Come Dates:

23 October Ms Maurice 8.45pm

1st November TreeClimbers 8.30pm + Maria Chiara Argirò Quintet 9.45

11th November Chris Laurence Quartet  7.30pm

20th November Cassie Kinoshi’s Seeds Ensemble 8pm

18th December Meg Morley Trio 8.30pm Yana 9.45pm 

19th December Orphy Robinson’s “Dub All Vision” 8pm

For 25 years, the club has been serving as a platform for jazz, improvised and experimental music. The Vortex has been instrumental in the launch of up and coming artists’ careers, such as Mercury-nominated bands including Polar Bear and Portico Quartet. Saxophonist Evan Parker who has had a monthly residency at the club for a number of years described the Vortex as ‘my haven from the demands of the road… the Vortex is for me, a space to play “free jazz”. I cannot imagine life without it’.  New York-based Holland has dropped into the club on a few occasions to take in the odd Evan Parker gig as well as to take in the unique Vortex vibe created by the musicians who perform here and volunteers who look after the place. Holland says ‘…the Vortex plays a vital role in the cultural life of London providing performance opportunities for both a UK and international community of musicians… its imaginative programming introduces new listening experiences to its audience’.

March 2 2018 two iconic musicians and old friends Dave Holland and Evan Parker joined forces in a fundraiser to show, as well as give their support to the Vortex Jazz Club – a fine institution that has help many a musician at the start of their career. The club has existed without any core funding after its establishment by founder David Mossman over twenty-five years ago.


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