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Alexandre Herer – Fender Rhodes; Julien Pontvianne – tenor saxophone; Olivier Laisney – trumpet; Thibault Perriard – drums ; Oliver Degabriele – electric bass

It’s particularly exciting for us to have a new collective arrive for the first time. This is the first stage of a collaboration with Manchester Jazz Festival.

OXYD is a five-member band based in Paris, France. Influenced by modern jazz musicians, such as Jim Black, Steve Coleman, John Hollenbeck, Marc Ducret and bands like AlasNoAxis, Kneebody, Radiohead or Sonic Youth. The band play their own compositions inspired by European and American jazz music, but with influences of rock, pop, free jazz and contemporary music.
Since its creation in 2006, the band has worked on personal and original material influenced by several styles as jazz, improvised music, contemporary music and rock music. The band released three albums and performed more than 150 concerts across France, Europe, United States and China.
OXYD is currently working on some of its influences, particularly the grunge influence, personified by rock bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden,… More than a cover project, this is a real “re-writing” process. Oxyd worked from structures of tunes, sounds experimentations, effects, rock energy of Nirvana’s music and re-infused them in a free way, with their own elements to create a real new personal music.
This work can be seen as a reflection and a focus of the band on its own influences, a research on composition and improvisation and a new approach to the audience.
The project is supported by several cultural organisations in Paris, and by the French Ministry of Culture.

LISTEN : Three tracks recorded live during the concert at the Ferme du Buisson on 5 June 2015.

Scentless Apprentice
Milk it
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